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Do You remember childish game «stoplight»? You have to «cross the way» and not to let the tagger to catch You if there is no set color among your clothes. But if there is red, yellow, green or the other colors — as a part of your image, You are winner and can pass to the second game level.

I have a raincoat that I call missionary. It’s so bright as rainbow is. I wear it during gray seasons when gray people with gray as landscape faces and emotions wish sun, green leaves and pleasures — they need bright emotions!

Raincoat created by arrogant creative but still non-famous in Russia designer Daiti makes me hero of popular Russian proverb «circus had gone, but clowns leaved». Such color-therapy provokes happy and surprised smiles on human faces.

There is Bulgarian artist Nedko Solalkov’s project «Life». There are bails with black and white paints in a room. You can take a brush and continue painting the walls of the room — a black one in white a white one vice-versa. The space is made in such a way that white and black — good and bad are following each other increasing or diminishing owing to our hands.

There is also a very interesting psychological test that helps to determine your life credo.
The instrument is visualization. You should imagine something around You — a desert, a forest, their habitants. When I’ve just began dreaming I sow bright green, scent-laden garden. It had a magic quality to accomplish wishes by flowers. The psychologist explain me that if I imagine something like that it means that You are wish to spend your life in a bright and interesting way and fill the life with experiments and collections of possibilities.
It means that the world is loving You only because You can enjoy it.

I completely agree with his opinion and like a standpoint of a habitant of the scent-laden garden:
If you want to see around You happy persons (flowers) You have to choose or create reality full of happy persons (flowers) .
It’s simple as 2×2.

Six years ago I began working as event-manager.
Only five years later I became «individual entrepreneur» and in April of 2006 year I founded Global Mind Group.

From the beginning we attracted such clients as business giants IKEA and MEGA (shopping malls). You can say that it’s impossible. Those companies are in a steel embraces of powerful and trustful vendors. However I didn’t know it.

I simply wrote to the chief of the marketing service that I want very much to cooperate with them and how much I love IKEA brand. I described how being a student of University of foreign languages after training at University of Malmo I was taking away from the overseas arm-chair, shelve and light instead of grilled salmon and fashionable clothes. Of course, the furniture was made by IKEA.

Therefore honesty, loyalty, low prices and a wish to earn firstly reputation helped me to change business stereotypes.

Such brands as Bunge, Meryl Lynch, Samsung, Citi bank, Group LB joined global Mind later. We are very proud and happy.

People celebrate birthdays, New Year, fall in love and marry. They commemorate these happy moments owing to events prepared by us.

Nowadays international net monsters invades the market, agencies competing each other using black outsourcing appear every day. In that situation we denied tenders and such notion as «competitor».

There are agencies among our clients that use our Creative and order us to write screens. Their clients find them and our clients find our global Mind and me.

Choosing our company primaly You receive product-trend. Someone find us when person or brand is waiting for something New — new combination of colors and taste, new form, something really bright! Making precisely such events we observe following rules: must, appropriate, current. Your wishes, needs and plans are things that make us closer Today and that bear our Tomorrow.

Kind regards
Eugenia Yurkina
Global mind group

Person and his holiday

Somehow in our soul we find our own scepsis towards intent to classify events. Something like a list of hairdresser’s services threatens to this chapter of our website which aim is to present variety of our competences to potential client.

We tenderly take flipchart out of your hands and bring you from the epicenter of corporative incentive under sleeping Bali volcano to golden carpet in moon-faced hourias’ embraces.

There, under the crater of Kintamani we try You some team building adventures to leave in your memory names of persons with whom you will conduct your company to IPO. Here, in Paradise Garden of Samarkand (Bogi Bigisht) you are among your friends whose names You always remember without any team building.

Halva, Hayam and Hamam are applauding your bachelor life in stag party (organized by us).

However when You are relaxing and probing delicious almond cookies (more innocent), the main supermarket of the city open its doors for your target audience.
Here, during the degustation (consumer promotion) hypnotized by eloquence of speecher that stole your Sultan’s dress, consumers are sweeping away your own almond cookies.

Are You angry? What’s damned supermarket , if your fiancée is waiting for You in register office? Don’t worry! We take the happy palace till the last brick in white tents of cot d’-Azur near Cape Antibes, where fresh breeze is full of lounge music played by... the Babyshambles!) What is this? Did years of quite family life make You fan of feats? You are lucky, Mr. Bond! You wife has been just stolen! Crossing obstacles or not (as you wish) you can catch «good kidnappers» from Global Mind!

We hope that enjoying adventurous pursuit You’ll be glad to see your wife, mother-in-low and guests of jubilee skating in ice cave of Ice Hotel (Jukkasiarvi). They are standing in skates only till You show them a trick of extracting fire water from the enormous stalactite.

We complex calendar of your life by all interesting events. If You are a Brand, instead of using a steam-hammer to crack nuts our marketing snipers help You to carry out global reconnaissance.

GlobalMind Group — we win media wars peacefully
GlobalMind Group — we make events that win

Life cycle of the Event

Announcing event

acquire attention to brand

Communicating event

form approaches to activate, public opinion

Activating event

motive to activate

Appreciating event

monitoring, appreciation of past phases

Birthdays, wedding or jubilee of family life, birth of child, heritage acquiring, career growth, stag party, prank, romantic date, adventure, personal training.

Consumer promotion, sales promotion, sampling, degustation (testing), virus marketing, brand launch and re-launch etc.

Consumer promotion is different tools of impact including economic ones that stimulates consumer demand: sampling, testing, coupons, games, competitions for consumers, prizes.

Sales promotion, is short-period measures of incentive to selling o buying goods o service.
It can be held towards consumers (Consumer Promotion) or traders (Trade Promotion).

Sampling is an element of Sales Promotion that consists in free of charge distributing of goods, degustations, sending probes. The aim is to stimulate a permanent use of a good by consumer.

Degustation is a kind of Consumer promotion which task is to acquaint target audience with taste and qualities of smth. and initialize first buying.

Virus marketing is an instrument of non-advertising promotion. It uses collateral impact. When your friends are exchanging opinions about last movie or mobile phone functions — it isn’t an ad.

Brand launch is a complex of events aimed at presenting new brand in the market.

Brand re-launch is a complex of events aimed at changing the image of an existing brand or presenting it one more time in a new format.

Corporate holydays, conferences, incentive, team spirits, sport competitions, gossip events, PR-activities

Corporate holydays are events within one company aimed to educate team and corporate spirit, motivate and incentive employees. Often they are timed to big dates of corporate life or calendar holydays.

Conferences are strictly planned meetings of specialists to discuss different questions and problems.

An exhibition is unique marketing mechanism that unites all instruments of promotion and selling production through presenting it to target audience in a specially prepared place.
In the late 1950s and early 1960s, a happening was a performance, event or situation meant to be considered as art. Happenings could take place anywhere, were often multi-disciplinary, often lacked a narrative and frequently sought to involve the audience in some way. Key elements of happenings were planned, but artists would sometimes retain room for improvisation.
Incentive is programs and events aimed at prizing company employees.

Festival — French word means holyday from Latin festivus — jolly, festive. It’s a mass event including demonstration of advances in music, theatre etc.

Gossip events are activities holding with the aim to create positive image of brand, person or group of persons among target audience and to strengthen old and building new partner relations. Simple cocktail party can be arena of signing or discussing a deal of the century.

Sport tournaments and championships are competitions between sportsmen popularizing sponsors and organizers image.

PR-activities are actions that acquire attention of mass-media towards product, brand or person.

Related services

Polygraph, presents and souvenirs, transport, special effects, video, design, artists, mass media, places, catering.

How can someone provoke interest towards non-bear event which environment is media space?
The God in order of ad used star heaven with restricted round of recipients (Magi).
We are such scrupulous as Jesus developing PR-strategy.

Our arsenal has all modern advances of media technologies: «cloning» articles about your event in leading magazines, nanotechnologies of infiltration in TV and radio, «virus» marketing in air and global net. However, taking responsibility of mass-media communication of your event we observe three rules: correctness, informativiness, actuality.

Souvenir is a French word that means memory.
Only donkeys from the cartoon Winnie-the-Pooh are happy with such birthday’s presents as empty honey pot.
Corporate souvenir is a warm gesture that invites You to divide happy event and feel belonging «here and now», express your gratitude to colleagues and partners. We help You to create material implementation of corporative spirit!

Polygraph entered to the boosters’ thesaurus owing to Antique Greeks. Nowadays it’s more than multiplication of signs. It’s a good opportunity to say about yourself and your event, invite clients and partners to cooperate. Invitations, posters or billboards are art-objectives for us where Intellect operates Seduction.

Photograph is reflexion of painting, composition, plastic rhythm put in instant fractions of a second.
© Henri Cartier-Bresson

Photographer from global mind Group is a painter, a sculptor and a racer at the same time. Accuracy of movements, speed of thinking and creative approach is contents of his professionalism ready to create and surprise while creating. Zipping the bridge from reality to eternity...
Russian writer Weller said that the memory is a kind of fantasy. Later we invent some things, forget some things.

One of the best masters of building a close-up — film director David Lynch made his hero of Twin Peaks say the phrase that is core of all his movies and reflects characteristics of human conscience: «We remember events not how they were but how we remembered them». Global mind group photos and videos are events from your point of view.

Catering is an English gastronomic notion that literally means delivering and supplying, especially with food, and its closest synonyms are possibility and wish to please (sin. cater).
Restaurant service on- & off- premise trained by global mind group is ambitious and has the target to seduce all organs of senses of your Event’s guests.

Off- premise service besides preparing and serving culinary masterpieces implicate different types of tents, mobile wardrobe, stylized uniform of personnel and variety of tender seating.

Famous Russian historian and journalist Vladimir Gilyarovsky wrote in chapter about Moscow food (in his book «Moscow and moscovites») describing mystery of popular nutrition organized by homebred cooks which «were sitting on their pots warming hot food by their bodies».
Nowadays Moscow is full of different gourmet offers. Lots of ads invite to organize banquet at their restaurants and at the same time mislead people who are choosing source of feeding pleasure.

Understanding its membership in gourmets-hedonists’ society global mind group cooperate only with tested professionals but even among them we choose for our clients more tasty options.

The amount of ordered food shouldn’t exceed 1200 grams per person. Amount of alcohol drinks — 800 grams, average alcohol drinks — 300-400 grams per person.

The majority of dishes except special occasions should be meat. Approximate percentage — red meat — 60%, white meat — 25%, fish — 15%.

In summer when the weather’s hot even working with the best catering company looks, try to avoid fish dishes, milk and mayonnaise sauces.

If You are managing open-air event, remember that all products should be eaten in an hour and the process of cooking and serving can occupy a lot of time.

If You manage plate service yourself, we advise You to adjust it with event program. Otherwise waiters can go round the hall and serve plates precisely during important speech.

When Sun was God special effects save wise people. Burning gunpowder in Chinese and Greek hands put scared Barbarians to flight. One of the first mentions about special effects we see in Bible. Star of Bethlehem shocked Antique Judies and announce Advent of Jesus. Centuries later Europeans conquered whole continents shocking aborigines by more developed technologies.

Of course there are lots of approaches in creation of special effects. Habitual classic machines (show-directors’ servants) as generators of heavy smoke, snow-generators, soak-bubbles machines, blasters shooting with confetti won’t retire in the nearest future.

However people are so sophisticated by sensations that progressive brands are motivated to find new directors’ concepts and hi-tech gadgets for their ad campaigns.

We creatively develop special effects for Your event whether You need that a few thousands sale managers fall in love with re-launching brand or want to touch the heart of loved one.

«All kind of artists in your holyday» or «VIA GRA band costs like same pills» — there are lots of such promises from event-agencies of any level and working experience.

We have to disappoint buzzards in pink glasses. None and never sell you an artist cheaper than its market cost is. However it can vary depending on season, weekday, timeof day and such details as distance, bon ton degree.

Artists that need promotion can make a sale to participate in the event that has wide coverage in central mass-media. Even superstars are able to reduce their fee taking part in a charitable ball to aid children.
From another hand, waits increase of artist fees in the eve of state and professional holydays: New year, the Day of Russia, Day of Miner.
May be, You don’t have personal oil derrick but if your event’s date is on the Day of oiler You have to pay a lot to make famous and popular artists visit You at least at 5 AM.

Choosing line-up of Russian and foreign stars You should do it under an ad slogan: Beware of fakes! Risk group includes artists of scene reincarnation, and aging stars of nostalgic format like CC Catch, Boney M, Modern Talking...

Paying a big price to an unfair agency You are at risk to eat Russian salad on phonogram of a third body of Dr. Alban.
Once in the eve of New Year there were 70 (!) clones of Verka Serduchka in Russia. It isn’t a secret deal between Sergey Danilko and stars of medicine. In such a way swindlers multiplicated their incomes.

Searching for the place, we don’t restrict a flight of your fantasy and our «professional scent» by Moscow region.
If your EGO is bigger than planet Earth and financial situation coincides with it, we’ll offer You all hi-tec advances from space tourism to picnic in Marian cave.

However we always are practical. Searching for a country-event we are carefully monitoring weather conditions and potential bureaucratic obstacles. For example, You need to receive all questions of gaining visa for your employees long before the approval of the event place. Otherwise the holyday can be held without its guests only but for a bad emotion of a consul of receiving country.

There are lots of non-adapted places: docs, air sheds, workshops. Their naked walls and concrete floors from one hand condition low rent, from another hand give a lot of possibilities for a wide range of special effects: pneumatic fire-work, shooting with false bullets and more sophisticated tricks like turning cars or non-extreme but requiring hydro-isolation foamy party. The last ones need a big amount of people otherwise You can find your guests in the ocean of foam only in the morning.

As for Design we prepare for an event some arquitectural innovations. We mean all range of materials for decorations — from live treasury of world flora and ice castles to ephemeral holograms.

If you will manage your event in a restaurant, try that your guests celebrate the Event together as one big family and aren’t be divided by balcony or pit.
So, they don’t need to jump from the gallery to a crowd to participate in a competition or watch a festive show on monitors being buried in a separate hall.

However we should say that in some cases balcony and private cabinets are necessary — to locate VIP-persons, especially, when it’s security of corporate etiquette’s requirements.

All these arguments are evident but sometimes restaurants which specialization is banquet services and very comfortable to organize a unique space, often lakes customers between Events that are held there and compensate a lake of regular guests by high rent prices.
You should be ready to pay for comfort till 30 000 EUR of deposit or even a rent. Therefore You should be sure that You are a unique guests of a restaurant closed for «special service».

If You have your favorite places and want to hold your event precisely there, You, may be repressed choosing conception of Your event. We try to offer You maximum of screen variants in which Your favorite place will be natural decoration.
When You haven’t yet chosen a place we recommend firstly to dream with us about its conception.

A place makes event better, an event makes place better.
Both thoughts are right.

It’ll be wise to think about transportation of employees to the place of event beforehand especially if it starts in the end of working day or far away from the center. Otherwise tired employees cannot enjoy a holyday. From our part we can offer your all kind of transport including most exotic ones. For example within the frame of war team spirit we can bring «old commandos» on the armored cars and helicopters.

Also we recommend to put a task to your HR-managers to investigate vestibular system of the stuff. (We have such precedents).

You should take into account besides a rent per hour so-called fee for supply of transport and per km if You are going out of the city.

Everything is clear

During first leg of negotiations sometimes we encounter with clients that deny dreaming and speaking about their wishes. They tell us — «offer something, we see and will decide».
Thank you for your trust but without receiving some necessary answers we are forced to doubt seriousness of your intentions. In such cases we offer existing event-formats without developing any Creative. I mean John enjoys Porsche, Sergio enjoys Fiat, Josef enjoys Ferrari and You, Moisha enjoy yourself.

When You are choosing a car, You always orients on some criteria: price, producer, capacity, color, salon, equipment. Imagine how difficult will be vendor’s job without answers on these questions. He’s continuing offer and offer You variants till You run to another vendor. Now imagine that You are offered a concept car. It’s developed especially for You. How can it be made without knowing client’s requests?

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